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"This place is amazing! The owner is the coolest guy and is so enthusiastic! Made me and my group so excited to play! Then the room was absolutely incredible! They did such a great job and it was so much fun! I cannot recommend this place enough! Definitely coming back for the other room and every room they open!" - Noah Andres (verified Google review)

MindTrix is your party and team building headquarters!

To make your game day as productive and simple as possible, please take a minute or two to read about the events below that interest you the most. Then, follow the steps at the bottom of the page to book your game.

Please call or email us if you have further questions or want to inquire about special events or accommodations.  We want to make sure that your game and day go as smoothly as possible and we are standing by to help make that happen!

birthday party activities oregon

Escape Room Birthday Parties

Book an escape room party with your family and friends for a birthday that is sure to be fun, unique, and memorable. Don’t forget, we’re also located just minutes from downtown Portland in the friendly and safe environment of the Clackamas Town Center Mall.

What better way to celebrate your birthday than going on an adventure with your friends?! Join us for an hour of thrills to celebrate your birthday!

Work together with your friends to find clues, solve puzzles, and beat the clock in a day you won’t soon forget!

team building activities oregon

Team Building Activities

Escape rooms are incredible team building activities. Work as a team, beat the clock, innovate, cooperate, communicate, and fine-tune individual skills to meet a common goal – that’s the power of a good escape room!

Contribute to the success of a team while having a great time is the name of the game with escape rooms!

Escape room games are highly popular corporate team building activities. And no wonder why! They are fun, challenging, and they provide a chance to work together and to play together to achieve a common objective.

escape room bachelorette parties oregon

Bachelor(ette) Parties

Start your bachelor or bachelorette party early at MindTrix Escape near Portland!  Join us for an hour of fun, excitement, and laughter to begin your celebration in style!

We’re conveniently located in the Clackamas Town Center Mall – just a 15 minute drive outside of downtown Portland Oregon and near many restaurants and bars for the rest of your plans.

Please note that the evening should begin with us…not end.  We will turn away players who are intoxicated.

date night things to do oregon

Date Night Things to Do

What better way to spend time with the one you love! Get off of the sofa and do something incredibly fun and exciting together. Our creative and challenging escape rooms will keep you talking, working together, and laughing as the clock ticks away!

Some couples win and some couples don’t find the clues in time, but everyone that spends an hour in our escape rooms comes out with a smile and a fun memory they can share.

See our escape rooms and choose the one that’s right for you.

fun family things to do oregon

Fun with Family

By the time you gather up a few family members: grandparents, mom, dad, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, and uncles…you’ve just assembled the perfect escape room exploration team.

Do something different, break the normal routine, and don’t see that same old movie for the second time. Get off the sofa, put down the video game controllers, and schedule an action packed game at MindTrix Escape!

Find clues, solve puzzles, make a plan, and work together to beat the clock before your time expires.

family fun things to do escape room oregon

Things to Do with Friends

By now, you and your friends have done loads of things together. But do you ever notice how you keep doing the same things over and over? How many times can you go to the mall and walk around?

No, instead, put your friendships to the test and see if your team has what it takes to beat one of our escape room games. Bring your neighbors, friends from school, your church group, your baseball or soccer team, etc., etc.

See who has the guts, the brains, the brawn, the logical thinking, the creative mind – book a game today!

Book Your Escape Game Today

Book A Game

  • Choose a game
  • Pick date and time
  • Sign Safety Waiver

On Game Day

  • Show up early
  • Get pumped up!
  • Go for it!

Beat the Clock!

  • Find clues
  • Solve puzzles
  • Use teamwork
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