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Most people have a few questions before their first escape room experience. Below, we’ve listed a few that we encounter most often. Most of what we do is fairly straight forward with our escape games, but we do have a few special rules to keep our games friendly and our customers safe. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, concerns or just to chat about which escape room you should try next.

So please read below and get back to us by using our contact form or by calling us at (503) 933-7005 during our normal business hours – should you still have questions that need answering.

An escape “room” is often actually referring to more than one connected room which form an escape “game.” They are also sometimes called room escape games. Think of an escape room as a live-action game (often adventure related) where you are the star! Escape rooms are designed so that the goals, theme, puzzles, props, décor, etc. all work together to immerse the player into the story. They involve puzzles, riddles, detective skills, creativity, problem solving and team work within a time limit to progress through the story to its completion.

No. Firstly, this is not POW training (believe me, you should be happy about that). Secondly and most importantly, fire codes would never allow that; you are able to exit at any time. The only thing more important to us than your entertainment is your safety. We want to challenge your mind, not your phobias!

No, but we do require a minimum of two players for each game.

Games are open for booking either until start time or capacity is reached, just like many other entertainment and leisure activities. If you wish to have the game all to yourself, you must book all spaces. We offer a discount for full-room / private reservations which is automatically reflected in the price during booking.

Unfortunately, we can’t say that we are “officially”. But we can say that “these are the escape room games you’re looking for!”

We offer a $20 discount if you book all spaces (8) for The Time Machine or Tesla’s Mystery.  The discount is automatically applied when making the reservation. For corporate/team building activities or groups larger than 8 people, please call for details, rates and assistance making reservations.

We want the games to be challenging. We want you to have to work hard to beat the game so that it’s an accomplishment. But we also want you to have a great time and sitting around with no idea what to do next is not very fun. Since we do want you to enjoy the games, clues and hints are available upon request during the game.

You should arrive not later than 15 minutes before the scheduled game time. The scheduled time is when the game starts, not when you should arrive. The 15 minutes allows for signing waivers, locking up belongings and receiving a pre-game briefing.

If you show up late it impacts our schedule so we may have to either shorten the time you can play or cancel the game so that our other customers are not affected throughout the day. Arriving at game start time is arriving late.

If you think you will need to reschedule please contact us immediately.  We will do our best to try to accommodate but there are no refunds and rescheduling is not guaranteed. It is critical for us to have a reliable schedule and number of participants in each game so that we provide the best experience for all of our customers.

We designed our puzzles with teens and adults in mind.  That being said, we’ve had plenty of younger children enjoy the games immensely and made sure all games are family friendly – there is no adult nor very intense/frightening content in our games.

The games do require problem-solving that younger children may not understand and have components that are breakable if not treated with reasonable care and/or used as intended.  For this reason, all minors 17 years old and under must have an adult sign off on their safety waiver. Ages 14-17 years old may play without an adult but must have their safety waivers signed by an adult.  Minors 13 years old and under are welcome to play but must be accompanied by at least one adult.”

Yes. We require at least two people to play a game. The games are not designed to be played alone. In fact, there may be some puzzles or challenges that require simultaneous teamwork to succeed. If you would like to book a single ticket, be aware that we will contact you

We are located inside the Clackamas Town Center shopping mall.

For those who will suffer withdrawal without their phone by their side, the answer is unfortunately no. We encourage pictures to celebrate your win following the game but during the game we require all phones, cameras and other recording devices to be left in lockers we provide in the lobby. This is because our games would not be nearly as fun for others if you give away all the secrets and answers before someone has a chance to play!

Yes, you do have to sign a safety waiver. Below you can review the text of the liability / safety waiver that must be completed prior to playing your game. Waivers can be signed electronically here or in our lobby, or you may download a PDF version from a link at the very bottom of our home page, print it and bring it with you.

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